Yoooo! hi I’m Marcos Felipe a Product Designer

design & art.


Bank Mobile App
for Banco Original
Investment Bank Mobile App
for BTG Digital
Car loans On the road
at Bogotá
Building a Product Team
at Chile

My Current Studying Topics are:

I’m a Product Designer studying the fields of user research, interaction/visual design and product strategy.

Currently as Senior Designer at McKinsey&Company

Since 2005 I have been playing with digital interfaces, putting lots of things on the web, shipping and maintain digital business. I've played the role of the creative and the designer, nowadays I'm learning how to manage teams and products, helping digitize services though design thinking and agile methodologies inside big coorporations in Latin America.

As a product designer, I’ve delivered web and mobile native apps used by millions of people. In my current role at McKinsey, I’m focused on helping companies in their digital transformations, defining and developing MVPs while building their internal product development capabilities.

I believe that knowledge sharing build path to improvement. I love to talk about design, if you want to chat about something related, let me know.

What do you think about what you seen in this site? Fell free to send me a email.