Drawing my path

My friend Edu John once told me "the story of every single person born in Brasília begins with a trip". My story is no different:

My parents moved from Brasília to the north of Brasil and I spent my first 10 years living between Manaus e Porto Velho. We returned to Brasília for my teenage years and there I learn to skateboard and play basketball - two elements that would become crucial in my formation as a person, a young adult.

My sports passion flowed from the court to the internet where two friends and I launched our first website dedicated to basketball-related local news and events. This website was my professional debut in the digital world.

I studied Social Communication at IESB University where I learned how to structure, defend and sell my ideas. Even before graduating I began to work, creating digital experiences and interactions for digital advertising agencies.

I moved to São Paulo in 2009 seeking to improve my technical design skills. There I worked with talented people and developed into a competent and confident interaction designer. I've worked with inspiring companies like Airbnb, Fjord and McKinsey, where my work generated changes that shaped large corporations in Latin America.

At Airbnb as a freelance designer I contributed to a corporate culture based on design foundations. It was inspiring to see how different ares incorporated design into their daily routine and design artifacts were always at the center of discussions.

At Fjord and McKinsey I developed an intimate relationship with service design and learned to use workshops to help others think together and facilitate informed decisions.

Currently I work as a Design Manager at XP Inc. helping to develop the largest and most mature financial services ecosystem in Brasil.

I'm an art enthusiast, in my spare time I dedicate time to studio practice, where I explore craft by doing painting, drawing and photography. I've also have been publishing drawings at an instagram profile dedicate to my sketchbooks.

Latest Appearances:
2020 · Collective Exhibition · Sociedade de Vidro · Galeria Meiuca (São Paulo)
2019 · Interview · Podcast Bobagens Imperdíveis #7: Desenhista do Jazz (São Paulo)
2018 · Talk · ILA RIO 2018 · Design Integrado da operação ao Design System (Rio de Janeiro)
2017 · Publication · Zine Bobagens Imperdíveis #12 (São Paulo)
2015 · Talk · Fjord Equinox · Studio Hero Case Banco Original (Bavena, Italy)
2015 · Interview · Projeto Draft (São Paulo)
2013 · Talk · Ossobuco · A comunicação e o esporte, uma análise (Brasília)
2012 · Collective Exhibition · Projetocupar UnB (Brasília)

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