A visual essay by Marcos Felipe

Visual Jazz it's the sauce to create a new style

The recipe is easy:

 Choose a simple technique and repeat it to exhaustion. Over time, comes the mastery of technique, skill to improvise and reinvent.

The inspiration came from Miles Davis and his album 'Kind of Blue', recorded in two improv meetings on March 2 and April 22, 1959. The experienced group of musicians received from Miles only sketches of scales and melodic lines, the rest it would happen live, in improvisation.

I chose "one line drawing" as a framework and spent months practicing the same kind of drawing, faces that are formed from the line and nodes. Over time, I started to understand the patterns I was creating and play with those limits that I was automatic imposing to myself.

Mask as a symbol it's commonly linked to the idea of hiding identity. There is another way of view that suggests that we use masks as a metaphor every day to represent complex feelings.
Figures of speech born from a boiling language.

"The promise of a smaller scope makes us forget our fear, and the limitations become a starting point for ideas. An improvisational structure allows us to get to work, because we no longer need to know precisely where we are going –  just choose a direction and trust the momentum. All we need to know are the rules of the game."

Frank Chimero, The Shape of Design ⤤

Elements of Visual Jazz:

Flow State

Visual Jazz Zine #1
Zine Cover.

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Sit at the table and write, sit at the table and draw several pages to complete this zine, an original, unique publication that is a graphic record of consciousness flow.

Flow state matrix

How to access the flow state:

Well-defined objective
Mastery of the technique
Dedication of time

Read the role theory from the psychologist and autor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

You don't have to do something complex, big or complicated to make an idea tangible.

Visual Jazz teaches that there is another way: study a simple piece, repeat it several times, observe for a long time and create a repertoire.

It's not about getting ideas out from paper, it's about selecting the papers with the best ideas.


I've talked in Portuguese about Visual Jazz with Aline Valek for her amazing podcast 'Bobagens Imperdíveis'.

Listen the podcast episode bellow:

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